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SICILY “an indescribably beautiful country“.

Sicily’s history spans some 4000 years. Since prehistoric times different peoples landed in Sicily attracted by its beauty, fertility and luxuriant vegetation. The island has seen many different cultures flourish on its soil, which have left behind a trail of impressive monumentsbuildings and works of art which still today inspire wonder and admiration.

Many of these peoples felt at home in Sicily, the land Homer described as ” the wonderful island of Helios” the God of the Sun, the dream land of the ancients where “everything grew without being sown”. PhoeniciansGreeksRomansByzantinesArabsNormansSwabiansFrench and Spaniards have all left in their wake their mark on its appearance. It was a supremely desirable land, an exceptional crossroads of history where different races and civilisations merged.

In Siracusa, Agrigento, Selinunte, Imera, the Greeks raised their grandiose temples in Doric style in the name of their Gods to bring heaven to earth through these magnificent buildings. They built their open-air theatres to both entertain and educate their fellow citizens. The Romans decorated the pavements of their villas with stunning mosaics unique in the Mediterranean.
The Normans erected the majestic Cathedrals of Palermo, Monreale, Cefalu. The dazzling Byzantine mosaics confer to the Norman churches and cloisters their supreme perfection. The Swabians built up in a perfect geometric style their imposing castles and towers.

To the Spaniards is due the baroque of churches and noble palaces which still today is source of astonishment in Palermo and in south-east regions of Sicily

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