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Culturforum Italian Language School in Palermo Sicily

Please, read carefully the following terms and conditions as they set out the terms of a legally binding agreement between you (the student) and Culturforum di Vittoria Cirello (Culturforum or the school)

Booking and Payment

  • By enrolling on a course, a contract is made between the student and the school Culturforum, Italian Language and Culture. You can enrol using the online form or the written registration form of Culturforum or via email.
  • All bookings made are accepted on written confirmation of the booking by Culturforum and definitely confirmed after receiving the requested deposit.
  • Students are responsible for all bank expenses.
  • A charge of € 10,00 must be added to the total when sending a bank transfer from non EU countries, to cover the cost of the bank draft.
  • The balance of any outstanding course, accommodation and transfer fees must be paid at the latest on the second day of the course.
  • Culturforum reserves the right to alter course fees or other charges, with due notice to the clients, at any time prior to their arrival. Such alteration may become necessary in the event of changes to costs, due to factors beyond our control.

Cancellation Policy

  • The school must be informed as soon as possible in case of cancellation.
  • No refunds will be given to any students who shorten their courses or reduce their number of lessons after their course has started.
  • Non attendance at courses, culture courses or classes gives no right of refund or price reduction.
  • If you cancel in writing at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the course we will retain € 50.00 administration fee and any bank charges we have to pay to return the money. The remaining amount paid on account will be refunded.
  • If you cancel less than 15 days of the beginning of the course you could be charged up to the full amount of the deposit paid on account.
  • You can postpone your course giving written notice prior to the beginning of the course without incurring in any expense
  • Refunds may take up to 20 days to process once notice of cancellation has been given.
  • Cancellations made due to visa refusal will result in a loss of € 50.00 administration fee. The student must supply the school with the original notice of refusal from the Italian Consulate. The remaining balance will be refunded.

Language Courses and Culture Courses

  • The course fees include: placement test, use of school library, free internet access, a free guided tour of the city, the teaching material (except the course book, which will be available for the students’ use but must be returned at the end of the course), certificate of attendance.
  • Class sizes range to a maximum of 8 students. In particular circumstances, we reserve the right to increase the minimum number of participants per class.
  • Group courses run for 4 hours a day for a total of 20 hrs per week. In groups smaller than five students the hours will be reduced to 15hrs a week; with one student per class they will be reduced to 10hrs a week.
  • Each hour of lesson runs for 60 minutes.
  • Lessons start at 9:00 am. If necessary the beginning could be postponed at the school’s sole discretion.
  • Individual tuition takes place in the morning hours in so far as group classes allow. Otherwise it will be postponed to the afternoon.
  • Culture courses run during the afternoon hours.
  • Attendance at culture courses is advisable for those students who have a high intermediate or advanced knowledge of the Italian language, with good understanding skills. Booked courses cannot be cancelled after arrival.
  • The school is closed on the following public holidays: 1st January / 6th January / Easter Monday / 25th April / 1st May /2nd June/ 15th August / 8th December / 25th December / 26th December. There is no reduction in the course fees if a course includes a public holiday. Lessons will be made up only if feasible, and at the sole discretion of the school.
  • Non attendance at courses, culture courses or classes gives no right of refund or price reduction.
  • Individual lessons cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice will be rescheduled. In all other circumstances, cancelled lessons will be lost.
  • Group courses include a 15 minute break.
  • Culturforum reserves the right to alter course programme, timetables, location or to substitute teachers at its sole discretion.

Excursion and Free Time Activities

  • Excursions, social, and free time activities are organised only when the minimum number of participants is reached.
  • All these activities are taken at the students’ own risk. The school will not be liable for damage, or injury to persons which occur when a free time activity or excursion, if directly organised by the school or its partners, is undertaken


  • Most of the accommodation offered is located in the historic centre of Palermo.
  • When selecting accommodation for our students, we search as far as possible for suitable standards but the liveliness of the city and considering that some of the streets in the historic centre are open to traffic, it isn’t always possible to guarantee peace and quiet.
  • The buildings in the town centre are sometimes of ancient construction. Apartments are often on several storeys, in some cases with steep staircases. Students with impaired mobility are kindly requested to point it out so that we can find a more suitable accommodation for them.
  • The accommodation offered consists of private houses whose furniture and lay-out reflect the owner’s personal taste. While living in them, students get some idea of Sicilian living standards and become more involved in the atmosphere and character of Sicilian life.
  • Most accommodation has no central heating but electrical air conditioners, electric or gas heaters. When these are used, the cost must be paid for as an extra.
  • The possibility of changing accommodation is at the school’s sole discretion, and will be decided case by case after reviewing each request. We reserve the right not to refund accommodation charges if you are not satisfied with the accommodation we offer.
  • Earlier departure gives no right of refund of any kind.
  • You must leave your accommodation by 11:00 on the day of departure
  • Accommodation prices given in this website are for 1 week.
  • Accommodation is reserved from Saturday to Saturday. Any other arrival or departure day may incur a surcharge.
  • Where accommodation is required for a part-week only, that week’s fee must be paid in full.
  • If a student wishes to extend his stay he must book only through the school. Please do not create embarrassing situations and compromise the working relationship between the school and the owners, managers, individuals or families trying to establish private negotiations.
  • In order to avoid unpleasant consequences which could result in terminating our working relationship, we recommend you not to enter into any private arrangements with the landlord or accommodation manager to extend your stay. All extensions must be discussed and agreed with the school.
  • Subletting, or allowing someone other than the named persons at the moment of booking (or, the case of couples and family accommodation, other than their partner and/or children) an apartment, part of it, or a room is strictly forbidden. If this happens, you may be asked to leave the booked accommodation.
  • In arranging accommodation Culturforum is acting as the supplier’s agent and thereafter as an intermediary between the student and the owner of the apartment. In case of problems we will be happy to give you all the necessary support.

Private home accommodation

  • Those offering accommodation in their own homes are almost exclusively people living on their own. Living in their home calls for respect for certain basic rules as well as a certain sensitivity and consideration for your host. Please remember that you are a guest and that not everything in the apartment is at your disposal.
  • Your host will will give you some room in the fridge for your food. You will be able to eat your meals in the kitchen but none of those offering accommodation will allow students to cook.
  • Bed linen and towels are included in the price.
  • When booking, don’t forget to inform the school of any special requirements and let us know if you have impaired mobility or suffer from allergies or other specific illnesses. In the case of illnesses which require the use of electrical appliances during the night, your host could ask you for a contribution towards the cost of electricity.
  • You will not be allowed the use of a washing machine. But you will have the use of a small wash basin which will allow you to wash your clothes. Some will offer to do your washing for a small fee.
  • Should any problems arise with your host or misunderstandings, do please discuss it with us. We will do all we can to help you and sort things out. But please bear in mind that it will not always be possible to change your accommodation and that you could be held to paying for the whole period of your booked accommodation.
  • The school acts as an agent in introducing course participants to hosts. The contract is between guest and host.


  • All apartments with either one or two bedrooms or a studio room are located in the town centre, unless otherwise specified. They are furnished in a simple and functional manner and have a balcony, or a small terrace.
  • In choosing accommodation we have been careful to establish strict quality controls. Even so, it can often happen that potential differences in standards of living by comparison with those of other nations can give rise to minor inconveniences; but as these are functions of the architecture, traditions and styles of local life, they will not be able to form the basis of a complaint.
  • Similarly we cannot be held responsible for inconveniences caused by potential minor snags, breakages and mal-functions that may show up inside your apartment – though we will seek to put these right as soon as we possibly can – nor for inconveniences caused by road works or work being done in buildings adjacent to your hired apartment, of which we had no foreknowledge and which is therefore wholly outside our control.
  • In all apartments bedlinen, towels, final cleaning and electricity, have to be paid for as an extra.

Shared apartment

  •  If you have chosen this type of accommodation, you will have a bedroom in an apartment where other students live. Living room, bathroom and kitchen are in common. 
  • In some cases bedrooms are not of equal size or they are furnished in different ways. It will not be possible to choose a room at the time of booking, the decision being a matter of chance – first come, first served. 
  • To share living areas with other people requires a hefty dose of flexibility and mutual respect. Should conflicts arise between occupants we will be quick to help with a solution, having full confidence in our students’ sense of responsibility.
  • The initial provision of bed linen and towels is included in the price. Final cleaning must be paid for separately.  The cost of electricity, where use has been made of air-conditioning or electric heaters is divided between the occupants. 
  • If in the requested period there are no vacancies in the shared apartment, we reserve the right to accommodate the students in a studio apartment or a family room for the same price.


  • If you have booked a transfer, you will be met at your arrival by a representative of the school who will take you to your accommodation. We must receive your flight details at least 7 days prior to your arrival.
  • Clients must inform the school immediately of any variation of the arrival time. In case of severe delays due to strikes or any other reason beyond a student’s control, if you give notice of the delay at the latest 2 hours before the scheduled arrival, the transfer will be rearranged. If you fail to inform us, the service must be paid for even if it is not supplied.
  • Culturforum is not liable for delays due to factors beyond our control which may cause you to miss your flight.


  • Culturforum acts as an introducing agent between students and various third party providers (providers of accommodation, transport services, sporting and leisure activities etc.). Accordingly, the school will not be liable in any way whatsoever to any student for any cost, claim, loss, damage or expenses, however arising, suffered by a student as a consequence of any services provided by any third parties. The student must address any complaints or claims to the provider of the service in question.
  • Culturforum acts as an introducing agent between students and various third party providers (providers of accommodation, transport services, sporting and leisure activities etc.). Accordingly, the school will not be liable in any way whatsoever to any student for any cost, claim, loss, damage or expenses, however arising, suffered by a student as a consequence of any services provided by any third parties. The student must address any complaints or claims to the provider of the service in question.
  • We reserve the right to use students’ images and comments for advertising purposes.
  • Culturforum is not liable for any incorrect translations of the texts into languages other than Italian.
  • These terms are regulated by Italian law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Palermo.
  • By sending the enrolment form the student agrees to and accepts the school’s terms and conditions and gives his/her consent to the processing of personal details.
  • By making payment of the deposit you are further agreeing to and accepting the present terms and conditions

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