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Free Time at Culturforum Italian Language School in Sicily

The best way to learn a foreign language is to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country and discover its true essence, behind the tourist cliches.

Sicily has a great deal to offer and much to discover.

In fact the island will astonish you with its thousands of years of history, its unique artistic heritage and its rich traditions, which still bear the marks of all the many cultures which have flourished in its soil.

These free time activities are as important as the Italian course itself. We believe that the study of a language does not finish at the end of the lesson and for this reason one of our teachers will always accompany you during all our planned activities.

He/she will not only have a deep knowledge of the history of the island, but will also know how to communicate with students and how to use the Italian language in different ways, so that all students, at whatever level of ability, can understand it.

Every Monday, we hold an introductory session with coffee for new students, where we go through the proposed programme of activities in which you can all take part. There will be different activities every day of the week.

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Learn Italian in Sicily.

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