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Culturforum: Italian courses since 2000

Culturforum is an Italian language school that has been offering Italian language and culture courses in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, since 2000.

Who we are

Culturforum provides quality teaching in a friendly, informal and stimulating atmosphere! We combine professionalism with personal attention. Our focus is on the individual need of each student: The lessons in small groups are tailored according to the competences and abilities of the participants – a basic principle at our language school.

We are proud to say, that many of our students decide to return to our school. Thanks to our teaching methods they are able to learn Italian in a relaxed environment. We teach them how to use their Italian confidently in everyday situations and how to communicate with ease on many different topics.

Our programme

The language school provides a programme of culture courses, guided tours and cultural and leisure activities to help the students to understand Italy, the past and the present and discover the culture, history, traditions, food, nature and secret fascination of Sicily.

Our main aim is to ensure that our students are satisfied with their learning experience and to make their stay in Palermo and in Italy a unique and memorable experience.

Our philosophy

The values which inspire our work:

  • Flexibility, there is no method that suits everyone. We appreciate different styles of teaching and are able to find the best method for each student quickly.
  • To create enthusiasm, while nevertheless working with seriousness and rigour.
  • Continue to improve the quality of our offer – our courses, our accommodation and our free-time activity programme.
  • Employ experienced and qualified associates who can offer attentive, friendly, informed and flexible support to students.
  • Small is beautiful! Our classes are small and we want them to stay like this, in order to enable personal rapport with students.
  • Maintain an open mind and respect everyone’s different opinions and beliefs and the uniqueness of each and every student.
  • Create a positive atmosphere and a real team spirit in an informal environment.
  • Be motivated, positivehonest, dependable and always committed to being at our best.

Our School

Culturforum: a language school with quality

To learn Italian at Culturforum is first of all an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Our goal

At our language school – no matter if you learn in a group or individually, if you study as a pair or learn Italian for a special purposes – we always combine professionalism with liveliness, method with ease and efficacy with flexibility. Our wish is that everyone feels comfortable and can leave behind the stress that learning a foreign language sometimes involves.

Our teaching style

The courses are suitable for all age groups, young or old, the teachers adapt perfectly to you and find the most suitable method for the best learning results.

Are you a professional and need the Italian for your professional carrer?

Our well experienced and qualified teachers will analyse your specific needs. They will design the most suitable programme for you, thus you achieve effective communication skills in the shortest possible time.

A Friendly, Professional Team

Waiting for you at Culturforum is a dedicated team of friendly staff! We offer you professional help with your Italian language learning and help you discover the culture and the less known treasures of our island.

We are there for you from the moment you arrive until your final day in Palermo. We can provide everything you need: social and cultural tours; transfer from the airport; and we will provide all the information you need both before and during your stay.

our teachers

All teachers at our language school are fully qualified native Italian speakers, with a degree in languages. They are all qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language, the have great experience in teaching Italian and do it with patience and enthusiasm. But most important they love to teach Italian. 

The school organises teaching seminars for the staff to ensure their teaching abilities are up to date. We all love our work and we strive to do our very best to make learning an enriching and truly pleasurable experience.

enrolment at culturforum

Learn Italian in Sicily.

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