Levels of our courses

Culturforum Italian Language Courses in Sicily

Levels of Our
Italian Language Courses

The first day of the course at the Italian language school students take a preliminary test, a written grammar test and an interview, to choose between one of levels of our courses

We cater for all levels as indicated by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference.

Within the above structure the groups are carefully arranged so that each Italian language courses is built around the students and around their previously acquired knowledge and linguistic competence.
In this way everyone can find the right course to satisfy their individual needs at our Italian language school.

Absolute Beginner

First steps in the language with oral practice to begin simple communication.


Acquisition of the knowledge which enables the students to communicate in everyday familiar situations.

Corso Livello di italiano B1 Intermedio

Lower Intermediate

Acquisition of a greater mastery of the language and progressive enrichment of the vocabulary. Intense exercise of oral practice.


Deepening and widening of the skills already acquired so as to be able to cope with completely new situations and converse fluently with a native speaker.


Deepening of the oral and written knowledge of the language with particular attention to different linguistic registers. More conversation on specific topics to achieve normal interaction on almost the same terms as a native speaker.


Extending the range of vocabulary and idioms on more complex topics. Improving fluency and accuracy.

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