Italian Language COURSES

Standard Italian Course

The Standard Italian language course is suitable for students who wish to improve their overall level of Italian, practising the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as widen their vocabulary and their understanding of grammar rules.

Particular emphasis is placed on the spoken Italian language to cover a wide range of day-to-day communicative situations.

Students will be placed in small groups according to their actual level of Italian language proficiency.

The school offers all language levels as foreseen by the CEFR:

A1 – Beginner
A2 – Elementary
B1 – Intermediate
B2 – Upper Intermediate
C1 – Advanced
C2 – Proficient

Our teachers will arrange the course according to the students’ skills and will use the method best suited to the course participants, creating lessons designed and built specifically for the students present in the course.

Starting from the basic courses, students will practice a lot of conversation and be involved in a variety of activities through the use of authentic and audio-visual materials.

good grammar basis is the right ingredient to speak accurately and express yourself correctly and appropriately in every situation.
So in your Italian course you will learn the right amount of grammar functional to the communication of your level.

NB: in groups with fewer than five students the hours are reduced to 15hrs a week; with one student per class they are reduced to 10hrs a week.

Wish to learn at a faster pace?

If you wish to make more rapid progress in the study of the Italian language and get fluent faster you can add individual lessons to your Standard Course by choosing either the Combined Course or the Intensive Course.

This will provide you with a dedicated teacher who can respond to your specific needs and requirements.

If you wish to deepen your knowledge of Italian languagehistoryartculturecinema, or literature, add to your course of Italian one of our Culture courses.

Corsi di Cultura Italiana per Stranieri in Sicilia

Combined Italian Course

The combined Italian language course gives you the opportunity to learn Italian in a small group and also have a dedicated teacher for your daily extra hour of one-to-one tuition.

You can choose to deepen your understanding of the rules of grammar as well as work further on vocabulary, select some topics for discussion or simply to chat about various topics with your teacher to become even more familiar with everyday spoken Italian.

Your teacher will provide personal attention and advice, and will help you focus on areas you need or wish to work on. He/She will plan the course to suit your interests and learning style and will use a wide range of materials, including audio-visual media, to ensure you will always learn “real Italian”.

NB: in groups with fewer than five students the hours are reduced to 15hrs a week; with one student per class they are reduced to 10hrs a week.

Intensive Italian Course

The Intensive Italian language course is a practical course designed to give you the knowledge, skills and fluency to interact with Italians in Italy.

We use dynamic teaching techniques to deliver motivating lessons which will meet your individual needs and goals.

The course is designed for motivated students who wish to gain confidence and develop their ability to use Italian in a range of situations. Course participants frequently need to improve their Italian for workstudy and travel reasons or simply to spend more time or even live in Italy.

Two hours of extra one-to-one tuition per day combined with the standard course, will help our students gain the maximum benefit from their study-holiday in Italy, allowing our Italian language school’s student to have a dedicated teacher who can respond to particular needs and interests such as improving reading and writing or listening and speaking skills.

Flexibly designed to meet the particular requests of each participant.

NB: in groups with fewer than five students the hours are reduced to 15hrs a week; with one student per class they are reduced to 10hrs a week.

Included in the price

Entrance test

Class Course

Didactic material

Welcome Coffee

Guided tour of the town

free wifi

Orientation materials

Films and docs on video

Certificate of attendance

enrolment at culturforum

Learn Italian in Sicily.

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