Liberty Art in Palermo

The city hosts one of Europe’s largest historic centers.  Visiting all of it would take quite a long time, so we propose to you the can’t miss places focused on Liberty Art in Palermo

Arabic-Norman Art in Palermo

The Normans built the eclectic cathedral and the most original achievement of the Arabo-Norman Art, the Palatine Chapel, set as the most shining of jewels among the ancient walls of the Royal Palace.

Culturforum Italian Language School in Palermo

Scuola di Lingua Italiana a Palermo

Italian Capital of Culture 2018, home to Manifesta 2018, the European Nomadic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Palermo is a city that in recent decades has impressively changed its face. This welcoming and vibrant city has transformed itself into a truly cosmopolitan and thriving capital where you can breathe joy of living, liveliness and culture. An Italian […]

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Learn Italian in Sicily.

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