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Staying in the historic heart of Cefalù means you can experience the authentic way of life of the Mediterranean South and savour its local smells and flavours. It also means immersing yourself in the typical local life-style, enjoying being by the sea, basking in the warmth of the sun, while breathing in the clean, fresh air. Staying in a small town, where time still runs slowly, you can enjoy the welcoming kindness of the friendly local people, and practically feel like a native. This is one of the greatest pleasures that Cefalu can offer its visitors. One of the well-loved pastimes of Mediterranean people is spending time with friends, chatting in a bar or soaking up the sun on a bench by the sea. Almost all our accommodation is in the historic centre so you can experience the real life of Cefalu while living here. You will share the satisfaction of the same slow and relaxed rhythm of life, enjoying the beauty of a sunset or a glass of good local wine. You will become an authentic resident of the South, rewarding yourself every day with small and wonderful pleasures. We have a selection of distinctive apartments in the town centre to suit all needs, everything from a studio to a grand villa. You can also choose to be more involved in local life by staying with a Sicilian family and directly experiencing the Sicilian way of life – or you can share an apartment with other students.

You can choose the solution that’s best for you from those below


Located in the picturesque narrow streets and courtyards of the medieval town centre of Cefalù, a few steps from the wonderful beach, all apartments are well furnished and supplied with all home comforts. Most apartments have a balcony with a sea view, and some also have a small terrace overlooking the sea and/or the roofs of the medieval town. On request, Culturforum can also supply larger apartments or houses with garden in the neighbourhood of Cefalù or by the sea. All apartments are regularly inspected by the staff of our language school to guarantee a high standard of comfort and cleanliness.

Shared Apartments

If you want to be entirely independent, but are not keen to be in an apartment on your own, you can opt to share your accommodation with other students of the school. Shared apartments usually have two bedrooms and can house two to four people. Bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms would also be shared. Two people wishing to share a room must submit their booking together. There is limited availability of this type of shared accommodation, so the sooner you book, the better your chances of securing it.

Accommodation in private homes

Staying in Italian homes allows you to form an impression of how people live in Italy and to gain direct experience of local life – as well as offering you the chance to practice your Italian. The owners usually live on their own and make available one or more of their rooms. Two students can also share a room, provided that they book at the same time. A simple Italian breakfast is included in the price; other meals are by arrangement with your host. At the time of booking, please let us know if you have any particular needs or requests. For example you may be allergic to animals or prefer to live with non-smokers.


All our B&B‘s are located in the picturesque streets within the town centre, very close to the school and the beautiful, long beach that Cefalu is famous for. All rooms are en suite and tastefully furnished and offer a charming, homely environment.


Hotels certainly offer more comfort than B&Bs. Our partner hotels are located in prime positions: one is on the seafront, overlooking the wonderful long sandy beach, which is just across the road. The other hotel, some 25 minutes’ walk from the town centre, is also situated by the sea on an imposing cliff, offering a breathtaking view. A staircase takes you quickly down to the beach. Both our partner hotels have open-air swimming pools and smartly furnished rooms, most of which offer a sea view.


All the villas are on the outskirts of Cefalù, near the sea or nestling in the luxuriant Sicilian countryside. All are distinctively furnished and have plenty of outdoor space, for study or relaxation. Please contact us for availability and price.


Contact us to find a place to stay which best suits your requirements and wishes

Culturforum has been offering Italian Language and Culture Courses since the year 2000 in Cefalù, picturesque fishing town on the northern coast of Sicily

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