Course for professionals


This course is intended for professionals who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and want to improve both their social Italian and the language they need for their professional life and in the interaction with professional partners in Italy The course is tailor-made to respond to the students’ professional needs.

This course comprises attendence of the standand course plus two extra hours of specialist teaching..

Italian for flight attendance and cabin crew

The course for flight attendance and cabin crew is designed for students interested in increasing their knowledge of aviation-related topics. We will help you develop stronger communication and listening skills necessary to carry out all on board duties and to interact with the passengers.

You will learn the common terms/expressions used during a flight and the polite formulas you need to communicate in various situations with passengers and how to deal, in the most appropriate language, with their queries and requests.

Italian for business

This course aims to familiarise the student with the specific terminology used most frequently in Italy in the business world.

We will focus on useful language to improve your spoken communication skills in Italian for a wide range of professional situations and on specific topics such as writing emails, job interviews, writing resumes, analysing and summarising business data and much more.

Italian for tourism

This course is tailored to professionals of the tourism sector and focuses on main language points and important vocabulary through a variety of topics related to the travel and hospitality industry.

You will learn how to interact effectively with clients, and cope with the most frequent conversations and situations such as, for example, make, accept or delete reservations orally or in writing; communicating information to customers; provide tourist information; describe menu, dishes, recipes and wines.

Italian for medicine

The course is designed to help doctors, medical researchers and students to improve their fluency and build confidence in understanding and speaking Italian in medical contexts.

We will help you learn some basic expressions and vocabulary related to the medical field. You will also learn how to talk to the patients and patients’ relatives and communicate with other medical staff in appropriate Italian.



  • 20 hours weekly
  • 10 hrs one-to-one tuition
  • all year round
  • classes start on any Monday (absolute beginners see: course starting dates)
  • maximum number of participants per group: 8
  • average number of participants per group: 4/5
  • tutti i livelli da principianti (A1) ad avanzati (C2)
  • all language levels from absolute beginners (A1) to advanced (C2)
  • Cultural and leisure activities

One hour of lesson = 60 minutes

Included in the price

  Language course, individual lessons
  Didactical material
  Entrance test
  Certificate of attandance
  Welcome coffee
  Guided tour of the town
  Free internet access
  Orientation materials
  Films and documentaries on video

Culturforum has been offering Italian Language and Culture Courses since the year 2000 in Cefalù, picturesque fishing town on the northern coast of Sicily

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