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Course for Teachers of Italian L2

As lovers of the Italian language we have taken to heart not only the spread of our language but also of the culture and history of our country.

For this reason we have planned a series of courses for non-native teachers of Italian as a foreign language. The aim of these courses is not only to improve and widen their knowledge of the structures of the language and teaching methods, but also to help teachers to have a better knowledge of the diverse aspects of our country.

Erasmus+ and LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme)

There is funding available for the courses for teachers of Italian as a second language from the Erasmus+programme and LLP ( Lifelong Learning Programme) aimed at encouraging Strategic Partnerships in the area of language teaching and learning, promoting language learning and linguistic diversity and favouring multilinguism in the EU countries, making mobility more efficient and effective and improving learning performance.

Who can apply

Grants are available to help existing or aspiring language teachers from primary and secondary schools as well as university teachers, or teachers of other subjects required to teach in Italian, to follow accredited training courses abroad.

The grant covers the language course, travel and accommodation expenses.

The programme is open to participants from all member states of the European Union, from the EFTA/SEE countries, and from candidate countries to join the EU.

What to do to apply for a grant Erasmus+
How to apply for a grant Erasmus+

Culturforum has been offering Italian Language and Culture Courses since the year 2000 in Cefalù, picturesque fishing town on the northern coast of Sicily

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