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For our Italian school in Cefalù, the Italian language is not just a system of rules, but a means of communicating, understanding and expressing yourself.

For this reason, at Culturform you will be speaking Italian from the first lesson, gaining confidence, learning to master the language and improving your capacity for comprehension. You will learn how the language is used in real life and in everyday situations.

In our Italian courses we adopt a total approach to teaching that actively involves students, while taking into account their specific needs and aptitude for learning the language.


Total approach means

Language immersion

To immerse the student

in the language and the culture of the country, its colours, its tastes and its smells, in all its diversity and uniqueness

Learning style

To think about and use different styles of learning

in order to exploit students’ varied modes of comprehension and understanding — and to fit them closely to the needs of participants

Vocabulary and Grammar

To treat vocabulary and grammar

as categories which are indissolubly connected, rather than the traditional view, which sees conversation and grammar as unconnected elements of the language, to be dealt with separately

Developing skills

To challenge the students

to exploit their own powers of intuition and deduction, enabling them to develop the necessary skills and put them to immediate use

Language system

To treat the language as an organic system

designing study courses that recognise the many complexities that are always an integral part of any communication (morphology, syntax, conversational style, vocabulary and social/cultural issues)

Active partecipation

To see the student as an active participant

in the learning process, involving them personally as a researcher/ explorer of their own knowledge

Intercultural exchange

Intercultural exchange

give the student and the teacher the joy and the pleasure of a true intercultural exchange


Successful language study doesn’t depend solely on the ability of the teacher and the motivation of the students. We also need to take into account three variables:

  • The student profile: who are the students who come to our Italian courses? What is their previous experience and their competence?
  • The real needs of the participants: what are their strong points and their weaknesses? Which of their abilities need development?
  • The teaching materials and how to use them: how can we construct a course that will respond to the real demands of the group?

To achieve all this, we have chosen a flexible structure for our courses: the choice of the method and materials takes account of these variables to best respond to the demands of different groups and the individuals within each group.

Culturforum has been offering Italian Language and Culture Courses since the year 2000 in Cefalù, picturesque fishing town on the northern coast of Sicily

Corso Ruggero, 55
90015 Cefalù (Palermo), Sicilia, Italia

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